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The inspiration for my paintings and sculptures is found in my everyday life, family, and friends; as well as a few unexpected places.  For example, the initial spark for Godfrey Von Heron was created from a photo of my Daddy fly fishing.  Once an inspiration is downloaded, I grab a wooden box from my studio and begin to fill it with relevant materials that will eventually be transformed into a piece of art.  My workbench is always littered with partially filled boxes, waiting for the download to complete. Quite a bit of thought and research goes into each piece. The goal is to ensure my work personifies my inspiration down to the most minute detail. As a general rule, I reuse, reclaim, and recycle materials as often as possible. It’s my way of giving back what the world has given to me.

Through my art, I hope to bring each piece to life with the intent of creating a lasting relationship that resonates with anyone who gains an appreciation of the sculpture. It may evoke a fond memory, create curiosity, or perhaps extend the invitation to assume ownership.

My Family


Morgan: The Heart and Soul of Life

@ sparklesalonstudio


Jami and  Brian: Life's Adventure

@ blunderstumble


Elijah: One of Life's Greatest Joys 

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